10/4/15 Sermon, World Wide Communion Sunday, Based on Mark 10:17-31

October 4, 2015 “World Wide Communion Sunday” Sermon by Pastor Robert G. Argot, Jr.
Based on Mark 10:17-31

 Life can be full of “trick” questions meant to trap you, such as…are you pro-life or pro-choice….are you for or against gun control…should we close our borders or keep them open?
Jesus is given one of these questions regarding divorce, but deflects the question to address a different issue…that of human brokenness.
I believe, that when Jesus says, “What God has joined together” he is talking not only of marriage, but of all relationships, and that is what reveals the sadness of it all. If what God most desires out of us is to have loving relationships with God and with each other, and we say, “God, we cannot pledge to love everyone…but I can pledge to love this one person until death parts us.” God replies, “That’s a good start. Good. Love that one person. Maybe through loving that one person, and being loved, your love will grow and reach others.”
But that doesn’t always happen, does it? We know that while there are certainly many happy loving marriages, there are also many which turn to something else…something broken…something God did not wish for.
But let us take a step back on this day which we celebrate that we live with billions of others in this world. Take a step back and what do you see? You see the negative and the positive. You see the breaking and the broken, but you also see the building up and the restoration.
Do you see the police officer who abuses his power to harass…or do you see the police officer who pulls over to jump rope with some neighborhood kids?
Do you see the aggressive driver who cuts you off…or the courteous driver who waves you on?
Do you see the doctor or nurse who can’t be bothered with your questions…or the one who cries with you when things didn’t work out as hoped?
Do you see the teenagers who stand around causing problems…or the ones who stand around supporting a charity or cause?
Do you see the person who criticizes another….or the one who takes the time to get to know them?
I don’t have all the answers to all the questions regarding gun control, or immigration, or issues of race or religion or sexual orientation or research practices or military action or wage equality or affordable health care or standardized testing or global warming……………..
But I do know this…the places where the brokenness is less…where the violence is not as common…where the crime rates are lower…………are the places where everyone watches out for everyone else…where people receive a fair wage, proper medical care, and an education…where people worry more about the other than the self…where people discuss their differences rather than feud over them….where people know that they are loved.
Good news. God loves you, and God has given you the ability to love others, no matter where in the world they may be. Receive God’s love. Amen.