Jungle Safari -Vacation Bible School 7/18-7/22


Jungle Safari  (click “read more” for registration info)
VBS: July 18- July 22, 6 – 8 pm
Picnic & program July 24, 10:30 am
All ages welcome: Students-ages 2-10  Helpers-ages 11+
Please register by July 11, 2016 by completing and submitting the form below
or call the Church office 610-488-6260 or 610-488-0206
Evangelical Lutheran Friedens 537 N Main St, Bernville PA 19506

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“Prayers and Pizza” by Pastor Robert Argot

“Prayers and Pizza” by Pastor Rob Argot                 pizza_12699c

As I write this newsletter, I am recovering from being a chaperone for four days. The Hamburg Area High School sent about 75 instrumental/ vocal musicians and their chaperones for a very unique experience. We saw Phantom of the Opera on the first day, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and 9/11 Memorial on the second, Central Park and other NY landmarks on the third day, with that evening being a concert in which Hamburg performed. Sunday we worked our way home. What an experience.

I have lots of visual images in my mind…the only pane of glass to have survived the crashing of the two Trade Center towers…a crushed fire truck…the inspections areas of Ellis Island through which my mother and her family may have gone….well behaved teenagers with the ability to nap in unique positions.

And yet, for me, one of the more unique visuals which happened not once but twice…seeing what used to be a church building now being the site of a pizza shop.

As conversations over the fence have become text messages…as one car per family becomes one car per per-son…as youth sports as recreation has become youth sports as competition and parents living their dreams through their children’s accomplishment….is the church becoming replaced by pizza?

Are people hungrier for pizza than for faith? Craving a deep dish more than a deep spirituality? Wanting to share breadsticks rather than….bread?

Actually….I don’t think so, but in our commercialized society, where the cost of 30 seconds during the Super Bowl could feed….well…a lot of people….there is a message of telling people what they want. We are told we want pizza, or a car, or this medication, or involvement in that lawsuit, or to have that body shape, or this wall.

I believe that people are as still as hungry as they ever were for faith, prayer, relationship, connection, and spirituality….we just don’t realize that that is the hunger we have, and we spend so much time trying to satiate that hunger, but with the wrong stuff.

Offer to share the “good stuff”….the heavenly food…with those around you. Keep your neighbors, families, communities, and churches in prayer.

The pizza will wait.


Pastor Rob