america                 “The Liar vs. The Racist”

Did that title get your attention? In a time when I would think people would be focusing on colder weather, upcoming holidays, and the like, it seems there is a lot of energy and emotion going around (still) about the election of our next presi-dent. My temptation is to say nothing, for if I say something I risk criticism. However, even if I say nothing, criticism may still come at me. So let me say about four things.

1. I find it interesting, for lack of a better word, that in a presidential election that brought out record numbers of voters, almost half of those who could vote chose not to.

2. I find it depressing at the level of hateful language that was used to encourage people to vote for particular candidates. Though this language was strongest at the presidential election level, it was seen at other levels too. Why must we use hate to convince people we are right (or that they are wrong)?

3. I will pray for the presidentelect to succeed. I hate the language that he has used. I disagree with many of his stances. But I will not pray for him to fail, because if he fails, won’t that mean we fail as well? Mind you, I will not pray that his success is necessarily on his terms, but that as a nation we will be able to look back and see that his presidency was successful. That being said….

4. I am afraid. I am not so much afraid of what one man who was elected president will do, but how our nation will react to this one man being elected. I see people expressing the belief that if the presidentelect can say such racist/sexist things, then it must be okay. I see other people giving up on hope. I see people being afraid of their futures. I see other people expressing rage. And (another opinion) I see our media covering the worst of this and presenting it as the norm. But I am afraid that the more we glorify the negative and hurtful, the more common place it will be.

So in conclusion, I pray. I pray that all those elected lead wisely. I pray that hardened hearts are turned. I pray that people talk with each other rather than yell at each other. I pray that great divides between people will be healed. I pray that we learn from each other. And I pray that God’s peace will enter into our hearts and our nation this holiday season.


Pastor Rob