Unleashed, Karen Althouse July/August 2017


Unleashedhas been part of the Northeast Pennsylvania Synod (of which Friedens is a part) logo for the last three years. The Bishop recognizes that we have to find new and different ways to do ministry in the twentyfirst century.

Recently, I (along with Friedens 2 delegates) attended the Synod Assembly with approximately 500 other Lutherans from around the region. Yes, church business is conducted (okay, that part can be kind of boring), but there is SO much more. Besides the inspiring worship services and speakers, there was an area called Gods Playground“. It was an area set aside to celebrate ministries and other ways to be UNLEASHED. Those attending the assembly had several opportunities to wander through the Playground and discover a variety of ministries at work in our congregations. Im sure you have heard Lutherans partnering with our UCC brothers and sisters (and some other mainline church denominations) at different times and places to do ministry, but have you ever heard of partnering with a Buddhist congregation? Yes, you read that right – a Buddhist congregation. Well, one congregation is experimenting with this type of partnership. Talk about being unleashed!

So, I wonder what being unleashed might look like at Friedens? How can we find new ways to do ministry in Bernville and the surrounding community? I dont know the answer to that but I am thankful I get to walk with you through the process.

In Gods Service,


(Karen Althouse)