Friedens in Bloom

          Friedens in Bloom

 April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring? Pilgrims. Okay, so that is an old joke. I wonder if children today know that joke, or if it has had its time?

But, what do May flowers bring to Friedens? Many things. Hopefully, by the time you read this article you will see the new brick walkway (with bench) being built. Beautiful flowers are blooming around the property and the Green Thumb team is already on the job, keeping the grounds in shape. A parade is on the horizon (Memorial Day) and the Christian Ed. committee is already planning their VBS float“. Thats just to name a few.

Gods creation and Gods ministry is alive at Friedens, blooming in ways that can only happen with Gods presence. But, God cannot do it alone. Okay, so He can if He wants, but what He really wants is for us to be active participants. We do call it the LIVING Bible after all. When you participate in the ministries of Gods church, you will be surprised at how your heart will bloom. It will be filled with love blooming in ways that you never imagined.

In Gods Service,


(Karen Althouse)

From the Pastor’s Heart

                 Well, This is What…

    Since Pastor Rob began his last newsletter article with So, Now What?I thought I would follow up with, Well, This is What“.

It seems that the transition is complete. You should have received your letter by now that I will be serving Friedens for at least the next year. It is an honor and privilege for me as, after supply preaching for almost two years, I have come to love the people of Friedens very much.

It can be a scary time when you dont know what is going to happen next. I know that I always have anxiety before a change. But, I am excited and looking forward to whats ahead. We are doing some great ministry at Friedens. You can see that by all of the things going on in this newsletter and by how long it takes to do the announcements on a Sunday — thats a GOOD problem’. That means there is life here. I want to take a moment and thank all of you who work so hard to continue the work of Jesus in this church and in the community. I would name you all, but my over 50 brain means I will probably forget someone.

Someone said to me recently, Well, youre at the helm now“. Actually, I would like to think that God is at the helm, holding on to us with His loving arms and gracious heart. So, hang on folks, its going to be quite a ride.

In Gods Service,

Carin’ Karen

(Karen Althouse)

P.S. You will see me sign many things this way, because I truly care, thus, I am Caring Karen.



Well, Now What? Farewell Pastor

   Well, Now What?

 by  Pastor Robert Argot, Jr,  farewell post   Friedens Tydings March 2017

I believe it was George Carlin whom I heard ask, “If you have a bunch of odds and ends on a table, and you knock them all off but one, what do you have left, an odd, or an end?”

When seasons change, such as winter into spring or Epiphany into Lent, a (nearly) similar question could be asked…is the end, or is it the beginning?

It is a transition, and it is both an ending and a beginning. As seasons transition from one to another, one ends and one begins. It is natural. True, the timing may be different from year to year (remember last year Lent started in early February), but the transitions come regardless.

Almost ten years ago I transitioned to Friedens Lutheran in Bernville (and later Bethany in West Reading). There would come the day that I would leave Friedens. On my first day of pastoring Friedens, no one knew how long it would be, but the time would come when I would leave, even if it were due to retirement.

Retirement hasn’t happened yet, but the transition has. And now I find myself starting at Holy Spirit in Reading. Again, I say with all honesty, the day will come when I leave Holy Spirit too. This is not a threat but merely a fact. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know if this stop will last three years or 23 years or somewhere in between. Transitions happen….it’s just a matter of how well prepared we are.

So there is the question that all three churches must face. Not only do seasons transition, but so does the world. Where as seasons are cyclical, the world often doesn’t work like that. It may be Lent again, but the world has changed since the last Lent. Are we ready for these changes, and for the ones to come? Are we talking about what it means to be the Church in these changing times? God’s love for us is constant, but the directions that love pushes us changes over time. Are we ready?

May all of our new seasons be full of blessings and peace.

In God’s service,

Pastor Rob


“A few of my (almost) favorite things”

  “A few of my (almost) favorite things”, by Pastor Robert G. Argot, Jr.-   February, 2017

I have a favorite word. Really. I don’t use it much in conversation, but when I hear it, I smile.

The word is “penultimate.” I learned that word back in seminary. Where as the word “ultimate” means the greatest or the most or the final, penultimate is the second greatest, or the next to the greatest. So if you have the ultimate (or final)

experience of something, just before that you would have had the penultimate experience.

We don’t usually realize that we are having the penultimate experience until later and we look back and think about it. We may remember the last time we leave our house as we move, or the last time we have a conversation with someone, or the final time we….well you can fill in the blank. But do we remember the next to last time?

We have just gotten through the Christmas season. What a great season it was. In society, Christmas is probably the ultimate holiday, but for the Church, it is the penultimate holiday…for the best is yet to come. As much as the birth of our Savior is an incredible story, there is one more…the greatest story has not yet been told. The Easter story in on the way.

So yes, bask in the glow of the penultimate experience in Christmas, but as they say (whoever they are), “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”


Pastor Rob


You’ve Got Mail

                 “You’ve Got Mail!”

While in middle/high school, I enjoyed walking down my drive way to get the mail. It was especially exciting to see one addressed to me…Joy!

While in college, I would often stroll by the commons area to see if there was any mail in my mailbox. It was especially exciting if there was a “package” slip in the mail, which meant I had to go to the mail office window and pick up a package. At least once a semester it was cookies from Effort United Methodist Church…..Joy!

When AOL first came out, and before spam emails were everywhere, the familiar “You’ve got mail!” was enough to make me stop what I was doing and see what popped up. And if was an actual email from a friend…..Joy!

Now, when my cell phone buzzes that I have a text message, I am quick to look at it and see what came through. And if it is a message from a family member or friend….Joy!

Why the joy? Because all these pieces of mail in their various forms are proof that I exist, that I matter, that I am loved.

On Sunday mornings, going to church gives me the chance to check my “spiritual inbox.” The prayers, the hymns, the scriptures, the messages, the gathering of people…..all these help show me the message from God that to God, I exist, I matter, I am loved.



Pastor Rob



america                 “The Liar vs. The Racist”

Did that title get your attention? In a time when I would think people would be focusing on colder weather, upcoming holidays, and the like, it seems there is a lot of energy and emotion going around (still) about the election of our next presi-dent. My temptation is to say nothing, for if I say something I risk criticism. However, even if I say nothing, criticism may still come at me. So let me say about four things.

1. I find it interesting, for lack of a better word, that in a presidential election that brought out record numbers of voters, almost half of those who could vote chose not to.

2. I find it depressing at the level of hateful language that was used to encourage people to vote for particular candidates. Though this language was strongest at the presidential election level, it was seen at other levels too. Why must we use hate to convince people we are right (or that they are wrong)?

3. I will pray for the presidentelect to succeed. I hate the language that he has used. I disagree with many of his stances. But I will not pray for him to fail, because if he fails, won’t that mean we fail as well? Mind you, I will not pray that his success is necessarily on his terms, but that as a nation we will be able to look back and see that his presidency was successful. That being said….

4. I am afraid. I am not so much afraid of what one man who was elected president will do, but how our nation will react to this one man being elected. I see people expressing the belief that if the presidentelect can say such racist/sexist things, then it must be okay. I see other people giving up on hope. I see people being afraid of their futures. I see other people expressing rage. And (another opinion) I see our media covering the worst of this and presenting it as the norm. But I am afraid that the more we glorify the negative and hurtful, the more common place it will be.

So in conclusion, I pray. I pray that all those elected lead wisely. I pray that hardened hearts are turned. I pray that people talk with each other rather than yell at each other. I pray that great divides between people will be healed. I pray that we learn from each other. And I pray that God’s peace will enter into our hearts and our nation this holiday season.


Pastor Rob




With video games and other electronics, you often have the chance to hit a “reset” button. This makes the game or device simply go back to the beginning, and the user gets to start over. I have also seen this labeled as “refresh.”

A few weeks ago I was very sick with a stomach bug. I could not do anything for two days, and very little for two more, and do you know what….the world didn’t end. A blessing of that sickness was that as I regained my health, I found that my brain had “reset” a bit. Things I had been worried about before I got sick turned out to be things not worth worrying about. The down time I needed for my body to recover ended up being a recovery period for my mental health as well.

Lesson learned. We all need times/activities to be able to rest our worried little minds and refresh our mental health, but we are often so hurried and harried that we don’t take the time to do so. Sometimes we damage our physical health because we didn’t monitor our mental health.

So my friends, I challenge you….find a way to take a mental Sabbath. Realize that we need to take care of not only our bodies, but also our minds.

Don’t wait until a worn-down spirit/psyche breaks down your body and you become physically sick. May the Holy Spirit guide you to places/times/methods of allowing your overworked mind to reset and refresh.

Peace. Pastor Rob


“Prayers and Pizza” by Pastor Robert Argot

“Prayers and Pizza” by Pastor Rob Argot                 pizza_12699c

As I write this newsletter, I am recovering from being a chaperone for four days. The Hamburg Area High School sent about 75 instrumental/ vocal musicians and their chaperones for a very unique experience. We saw Phantom of the Opera on the first day, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and 9/11 Memorial on the second, Central Park and other NY landmarks on the third day, with that evening being a concert in which Hamburg performed. Sunday we worked our way home. What an experience.

I have lots of visual images in my mind…the only pane of glass to have survived the crashing of the two Trade Center towers…a crushed fire truck…the inspections areas of Ellis Island through which my mother and her family may have gone….well behaved teenagers with the ability to nap in unique positions.

And yet, for me, one of the more unique visuals which happened not once but twice…seeing what used to be a church building now being the site of a pizza shop.

As conversations over the fence have become text messages…as one car per family becomes one car per per-son…as youth sports as recreation has become youth sports as competition and parents living their dreams through their children’s accomplishment….is the church becoming replaced by pizza?

Are people hungrier for pizza than for faith? Craving a deep dish more than a deep spirituality? Wanting to share breadsticks rather than….bread?

Actually….I don’t think so, but in our commercialized society, where the cost of 30 seconds during the Super Bowl could feed….well…a lot of people….there is a message of telling people what they want. We are told we want pizza, or a car, or this medication, or involvement in that lawsuit, or to have that body shape, or this wall.

I believe that people are as still as hungry as they ever were for faith, prayer, relationship, connection, and spirituality….we just don’t realize that that is the hunger we have, and we spend so much time trying to satiate that hunger, but with the wrong stuff.

Offer to share the “good stuff”….the heavenly food…with those around you. Keep your neighbors, families, communities, and churches in prayer.

The pizza will wait.


Pastor Rob


“Conflict & Kitty Litter” by Pastor Rob Argot

     friends_7389c (1)  

When I do weddings, I give a brief message about marriage, and I try to personalize it to the couple getting married. Recently, what I knew of the couple lead to a kitty litter metaphor for a successful marriage. It was well received, and I now share that metaphor with you, as it relates to the challenge of dealing with conflict in any relationship.

Let us assume that the tray of kitty litter is life, and that the lumps/clumps/etc in the litter represent stressors and conflicts in your life. Man…they really stink sometimes.

Finances, health, work issues, family issues, and more can be nasty, smelly deposits in our tray of life. So what do we do with them? Obviously, though not exciting, the best way is to deal with them. Face the fact that they exist, dig them out, and deal with them. We all have conflict in our life, and the best way to clear it out is to deal with it.

However, like with the cat litter box, we don’t always deal with it. Sometimes we wait for someone else to deal with it. We figure if we wait long enough, the other person will clean the box. Meanwhile they are doing the same thing…pretending they don’t notice the stench and thinking, “I am not making the first move.” The conflict is right there….all of your friends and family can smell it, but because you don’t deal with it, it affects all those around you, and of course, they are too polite to suggest that you clean your own litter box.

Or, as I tend to do with my real litter box and my four cats, I just lay some fresh litter over the mess and figure I will get to it later. That is like filling my life with other events and thoughts so I just “never get around” to dealing with the conflict. It’s not that I expect someone else to do it. I do see it as my issue, but I just don’t feel like dealing with it now. Of course, even if I keep putting on more litter (and even some deodorizer), my box of life just keeps getting more full of a massive amount of crud.

So friends. Face your conflict, deal with your conflict, resolve your conflict, dispose of your conflict, and then you can breathe easier.


Pastor Rob