A look back at 2017 VBS

Bible Blast to the Past was true to it’s word a BLAST of adventure, joyful singing, and celebration of the word of God.

Thanks to our wonderful Christian Ed  volunteers and Pastor Karen for all the hours so lovingly spent getting ready and putting on the event.

We hope to see  everyone next year!

Fall Already?

                                                                                Fall Already?

Well, not quite, but I cant believe that summer is almost gone. It went so fast. I just blinked and here it is, September. While we still technically have a few more weeks of summer, you can already see the signs of fall. Someone posted on Facebook that pumpkin spice items hit the shelves in August. Really? By the end of July, into early August, catalogs show fall clothing and fall items for sale. There are parts of me that just want to hold on just a bit longer to the warmth and sunshine. But, time marches on.

But, there will be good things happening here at Friedens this fall. Im most excited about Reformation this year. October 31, 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 thesis on the door of the Wittenberg Church. Throughout this year you have seen articles in the bulletin from time to time about Martin Luther and the Reformation and what it means to be Lutheran. In early August we had a wonderful Walking in Luthers Footstepsice cream social. I enjoyed all of the wonderful ice cream toppings, the wonderful documentary on Luther, but talking to Katie Luther was the best! Sunday, October 29th (Reformation Sunday) will be the culmination or our celebrations. While the plans are not complete, Im looking for a grand celebration.

So, believe me, I know its hard as we say goodbye to summer, but, I hope you will join us for an exciting fall.

In Gods Service,


(Karen Althouse)


Unleashed, Karen Althouse July/August 2017


Unleashedhas been part of the Northeast Pennsylvania Synod (of which Friedens is a part) logo for the last three years. The Bishop recognizes that we have to find new and different ways to do ministry in the twentyfirst century.

Recently, I (along with Friedens 2 delegates) attended the Synod Assembly with approximately 500 other Lutherans from around the region. Yes, church business is conducted (okay, that part can be kind of boring), but there is SO much more. Besides the inspiring worship services and speakers, there was an area called Gods Playground“. It was an area set aside to celebrate ministries and other ways to be UNLEASHED. Those attending the assembly had several opportunities to wander through the Playground and discover a variety of ministries at work in our congregations. Im sure you have heard Lutherans partnering with our UCC brothers and sisters (and some other mainline church denominations) at different times and places to do ministry, but have you ever heard of partnering with a Buddhist congregation? Yes, you read that right – a Buddhist congregation. Well, one congregation is experimenting with this type of partnership. Talk about being unleashed!

So, I wonder what being unleashed might look like at Friedens? How can we find new ways to do ministry in Bernville and the surrounding community? I dont know the answer to that but I am thankful I get to walk with you through the process.

In Gods Service,


(Karen Althouse)


Friedens Memorial Brick Walk

This is a rendering of the Memorial Brick Walk being placed at the west side of the Church. It is not too late to honor or remember a loved one, friend, pet, mentor, business group,or anyone dear to your heart, by ordering a personalized inscribed brick to be placed in the Memorial. See below for details and order information. Still have questions call the church office 610-488-6260. And please join us on June 11th for Worship and after the 9:30 am service we will hold a brief dedication ceremony for the Memorial. This will be a continuing work in process as more bricks are ordered and added.

Friedens Brick Walk Memorial

The bricks will be 4 x 8 inches with up to three line of text available (each line a maximum of 15 characters). Rather than being advertisements for your business or organization, we would request that the message inscribed would honor one, or a group of people, that you would wish to remember. We are asking that the first line of each brick begin with either 1) honoring, 2) celebrating, 3) remembering, or 4) Glorifying God. Please print clearly.
To process online, complete this form and click on the submit button at the bottom. Please be sure you have included a contact phone number and/or email address so that we may contact you regarding payment.
To process by mail, Please contact the Church office 610-488-6260 to have a form mailed or faxed to you. Or stop by the Church on Sunday during Worship, the forms are at the rear of the Church.  Complete the  form and mail with a check for $150 per brick to: Evangelical Lutheran Friedens Church PO Box 201 Bernville, PA 19506
Thank-you for your support. Friedens is a 501(c)3, your donation is tax deductible. Please check the box below if you would like a separate donation receipt sent to your address

Vacation Bible School

 Join us for our  2017 Vacation Bible School adventure “Bible Blast to the Past”

Vacation Bible School July 17-21 (6pm – 8 pm)

Picnic & program July 23 (10:30 am)

All ages welcome:  Students- Ages 2-12*         Helpers – Ages 13+

*Please note-in order for children age 4 and under to participate, a parent/guardian must attend VBS and/or picnic with the child.

Please pre-register by July 14  by completing & submitting the form below, or call the Church office 610-488-6260

Friedens VBS Registration Form

From the Pastor’s Heart

                 Well, This is What…

    Since Pastor Rob began his last newsletter article with So, Now What?I thought I would follow up with, Well, This is What“.

It seems that the transition is complete. You should have received your letter by now that I will be serving Friedens for at least the next year. It is an honor and privilege for me as, after supply preaching for almost two years, I have come to love the people of Friedens very much.

It can be a scary time when you dont know what is going to happen next. I know that I always have anxiety before a change. But, I am excited and looking forward to whats ahead. We are doing some great ministry at Friedens. You can see that by all of the things going on in this newsletter and by how long it takes to do the announcements on a Sunday — thats a GOOD problem’. That means there is life here. I want to take a moment and thank all of you who work so hard to continue the work of Jesus in this church and in the community. I would name you all, but my over 50 brain means I will probably forget someone.

Someone said to me recently, Well, youre at the helm now“. Actually, I would like to think that God is at the helm, holding on to us with His loving arms and gracious heart. So, hang on folks, its going to be quite a ride.

In Gods Service,

Carin’ Karen

(Karen Althouse)

P.S. You will see me sign many things this way, because I truly care, thus, I am Caring Karen.



Attic Scavenger Hunt

Ever wondered what is in the attic at Friedens, well wonder no more. Some enterprising souls went on a scavenger hunt with pictures to prove what they found. With the Church being 120 years old it was hard to visualize what might be awaiting. And no we do not have bats in our belfry! What they found was interesting to say the least, and certainly not what was expected. See the pictures to satisfy your curiosity. Thanks to the group for sharing their trek with those of us who are not so brave or who could never have negotiated that ladder!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new website, we are still under construction but are making strides now! Please take notice to the facebook link, the google map with directions, and Pastor has started to blog!  We look forward to posting more pictures, and adding History and Genealogy pages as soon as possible. We want to thank everyone for their feedback and patience as we are learning as we go.  Have a blessed day!

Communications Committee


Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to our new website. we know it’s still under construction, but it is being worked on “as we speak”.

There will be a lot of information including our calendar of events, our social media like Facebook, Google+ and more.

It will be a great way to stay connected with each other, our church & our community