Get involved

How do I get involved, and in what? That’s a great question.
There are many ways to become involved, such as with music, social ministry, youth programs and more.

Can’t find something that excites you? We welcome your ideas, COME JOIN US!

Below are just some of the many things we do.

Choir– We are blessed to have an active Adult Choir and Kidz Choir.
Adult Choir meets on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.  (during normal schedule
no summer meetings), Kidz Choir meets  during the Sunday School hour.
New voices welcome!

Friedens Carillonaires Bell Choir– Our talented bell choir enhances our services and occasionally travels to other events to perform. Practice is Tuesday evening at 7:00p.m. (during normal schedule no summer meetings).  New ringers welcome!

Social Ministry Team– Actively supports our own membership and the
community. Watch the calendar for events such as Community Free Soup and Bread lunch, Easter candy making fundraiser, food collection to support the local food pantries, Care packages to our College students, Potato project (we grow and harvest potatoes for local food banks), collecting cards for St Jude’s Ranch for Children, making backpacks to be donated. All help welcome.

Aid Society– Supports our own membership and the community with the annual Soup sale, Meatloaf dinner, Jubilee Bazaar in October and Christmas cookie sale.

Pairs and Spares– Everyone encouraged to have fun and fellowship. Some of the events this past year have been game night and road rally.

Youth Group– Our youth had a great time this year doing a Mother’s Day breakfast and car wash. More events coming soon.

Green Thumb – Our gardeners are fantastic at planting and maintaining our flowers and bushes and beautifying the Church grounds. Group sessions usually happen  on Saturdays but feel free to sign up for an area that you may work on at your leisure.

Crafters– This group meets periodically during the year to make crafts for the Jubilee bazaar and to benefit the Church. Lots of fun!

And of course the Church function committees. If you have an interest or would like more information, please feel free to contact the Pastor or a Church council member who will point you to the Committee Chair.

Music and Worship
Altar Guild
Christian Education
Long Range Planning
Finance Committee
Budget Committee